Chicago Bulls' Luol Deng Has To Become The Leader Once Again

By Courtney Harden
Chicago Bulls: Luol Deng Is The Bulls Most Valuable Asset And Leader At This Point
Russell Isabella – USA TODAY Sports

He is the ultimate weapon and the do everything type of player according to his coach, Tom Thibodeau.  He goes about his business with no flash.  He is a two-time All-Star yet highly underrated.  His name is Luol Deng of the Chicago Bulls, and now he has to become the de facto leader this season once again due to injuries of others.

Deng is the Swiss army knife of the Bulls.  Coach Thibs loves to use him in a multitude of ways, and that versatility is what makes Deng a very special player.  He can play multiple positions and guard multiple positions.  He is a 6-foot-9 slashing wing player who can shoot the three-pointer and slashes to the lane for buckets.  His defense against point guards to power forwards is one of his main strengths.  The Bulls love his character and he just gets the job done.  So why is he being put on the trading block since Derrick Rose‘s season ending knee injury?

Deng has seen his name on the trading block radar throughout his career.  He will be a free agent after this season, so the Bulls have to look at the options of trading such a great weapon.  They really don’t want to trade him or let him walk for nothing because he is so valuable, but that’s the nature of the business when you’re wanted by so many teams.

The Bulls have to be wise about their decision on Deng.  As of right now I believe they keep Deng because he is one of Thib’s favorite players and he can lead them to the playoffs, especially with the Eastern Conference being very weak.  Unless a deal is too good to pass up Deng will come into work and lead the Bulls the best he can.

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