Jason Kidd Failing In First Season As Head Coach Of Brooklyn Nets

By Ryan Wenzell
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

To say the Brooklyn Nets have struggled this season would be an understatement. They sit at 4-11 and near the bottom of the Eastern Conference and have failed to get going on either side of the ball.

For a team expected to be in the top three in the Eastern Conference and challenge the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference throne, the beginning of this season has certainly been a massive failure. A lot can be attributed to this. This is a team new to playing together. Deron Williams and Brook Lopez arguably the teams two top stars have also been injured for a majority of the early season.

The Nets have struggled mightily to overcome this. However, there has been one other problem … Jason Kidd. He is learning on the fly as a head coach. While he was an excellent point guard, and a coach on the floor that has certainly not translated so far from the hard wood to the coach’s bench.

He has struggled making second half adjustments. More alarming it looks like his assistants are drawing up plays something the head coach should have the most input in. He also did something totally egregious the other night. He pretended to spill a drink by accident in order to draw up another play in the huddle.

It didn’t work and the Nets still lost. To add insult to injury Kidd was slapped with a fifty thousand dollar fine. A DUI and a big fine in your first season as head coach? Not a good look.

Perhaps Kidd will learn from his mistakes and eventually excel as a head coach. In the city of New York, fans and ownership don’t have much patience though. They want immediate success. For Kidd that success better come sooner rather than later or he won’t last much longer as the head coach.

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