Brooklyn Nets: Houston Rockets Demolish Sorry Squad

By Aydin Reyhan
J Kidd
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets did get their starting big man, Brook Lopez, back from injury, but he was never going to be enough against a high-flying Houston Rockets team that almost always impresses at home.

Well, unfortunately for the Nets, last night was never going to be any different.

The Rockets were without Jeremy Lin but did have their main man, James Harden, back in their starting lineup. The shooting guard only had nine points and seven assists, but then again, he did only play for just under 26 minutes.

The man who deserves player-of-the-game honors for Houston is none other than Chandler Parsons who went for a perfect 6-for-6 from beyond the arc and a total of 7-for-7 from the floor. The only blemish of his game was missing just one of two free throws on the night.

The Nets still were without Deron Williams (ankle sprain) and Kevin Garnett was given a rest. Regardless, these are not valid excuses for a team who simply cannot make anything good happen throughout a game.

If this team ends up losing their next 10 games or so, they need to take a serious look at Jason Kidd and perhaps decide that it is time to either demote or fire him altogether. This team needs a guy who is a bit older, more experienced and can truly get the very best out of the players. This guy is too goofy as he had a DUI before the season began and spilled his drink to try and get one more play in before eventually losing one of their recent games.

Antics like those should not be accepted at this level, especially for a rookie head coach.

Basically, this team is in deep trouble and their validity in the title race is definitely no longer realistic. The Nets will not be coming out of the East this season.

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