Brooklyn Nets: Jason Kidd Finally Makes A Real Coaching Decision

By Mark Wilson

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

It took 16 games, but Jason Kidd finally decided to be a coach in the NBA. Too bad it might be too late, but you have to give the guy an A for effort, right?

With his team getting destroyed for the second straight game he decided to bench his starters the entire second half and rely on his rag-tag group off the bench. The Brooklyn Nets still lost the game by double-digits, but Kidd sent a message that he is tired of the lack of effort his starters are giving on a nightly basis.

Kevin Garnett didn’t play this game because Kidd wanted to rest him. I have been saying for the past two weeks now that I believe Garnett should be coming off the bench anyway, but with the injuries that move was not able to happen. With Brook Lopez now back in action I think Kidd should insert Andray Blatche into the starting unit and let Garnett back up Lopez in the post.

My issue with Kidd during the season so far has been I thought he was trying to feel his way around the locker room because there was such a strong veteran presence. What he forgot was that he was hired to be a coach and not a step-dad. There is no reason to tip toe around people; you were brought in to coach and lead so the moment he walked in the door the rules should have been laid down. Since they weren’t I don’t think he had their respect as a coach yet. I hope this move he pulled last night gets everyone’s attention and moves the team in the right direction instead of the opposite way.

Kidd has to go to the trainers and ask for a timetable for the return of Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko and Jason Terry. Its time to start planning for a run, and the Nets have to be on the same page. If you want to play then give your all, and if not then they have to believe that Kidd will sit them if they are not willing to compete hard every night.

The move that he pulled with his lineup was the right decision to make at the moment. But the question is, was it too late? He let too much of the season pass without showing his dominance, and it might cost the Nets their season and Kidd his job.

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