Indiana Pacers' George Hill Will Face Tough Challenge Out West

By Dylan Hughes
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers have a tough test set for them as they head out West for a big road trip. Pacers point guard George Hill‘s play will be important out West — as it always is — as he will have his hands full with some very talented players.

Let’s take a look at who he’ll have to guard.

Chris Paul: In the very first game of the road trip, Hill will have to battle it out with Paul in what should be a very good matchup. Paul is the best point guard in the league, which will obviously cause Hill some problems. Keeping up with Paul could be the difference maker in the game.

Damian Lillard: Lillard is only in his second year in the NBA and has already shown he can be a great player. He really has what it takes to succeed in this league and showing that at such a young age is promising. On the second night of a back-to-back, a tired Hill might have trouble with Lillard.

Tony Parker: Hill played behind this guy for three years and has undoubtedly benefited from that as a Pacer. Hill may not be able to dish it out like Parker can, but he can certainly keep up which will be important in the battle of the league’s best teams.

Russell Westbrook: These two players are pretty similar, although Westbrook is obviously more of a name than Hill. Both play point guard yet prefer shooting over passing. They can pass, but both seem to like scoring more. The only difference between the two is Westbrook is just better. Keeping him silent may be difficult, but it would definitely help the Pacers close out the road trip with a win.

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