Lineup Changes Could Benefit Brooklyn Nets

By Mike B. Ruiz
Thomas Campbell-USA Today Sports

Another day, another mammoth loss for the Brooklyn Nets as they fell 115-95 to the Houston Rockets on Friday night.

Obviously, no one on the Nets wants to see this continue any further. A 4-12 record after all the offseason buildup doesn’t seem real no matter how many times they get thrashed. Jason Kidd appears to be trying his hardest, and I’m not going to lay all the blame on him. However, here’s something I think he should strongly consider: these lineups are not getting the job done at all, so why not switch them up dramatically?

At the very worst, that won’t make any difference in the final result, but it will at least send a strong message to those who are used to their normal roles: earn your playing time through quality production or expect less of it.

That goes for everyone. Joe Johnson, Brook Lopez, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, it doesn’t matter — minutes spent on the floor are not a given. They’re a privilege, and even if certain guys are putting up production that’s close to what’s expected of them, that’s not necessarily for the greater good of the team.

Remember, this is a team filled with a bunch of former All-Stars. The key to getting the maximum results from them is cohesiveness on both ends of the floor. Brooklyn needs to exhibit the kind of selfless ball movement and help defense that they did during the preseason. So if the players don’t do that, slashing their minutes will provide a stern wake-up call.

That won’t necessarily put an end to all the losing right away, but it will at least cease the embarrassing lopsidedness of their games.

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