Minnesota Timberwolves Look to Dig Out of Their Early Hole

By justinpinotti
Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Timberwolves are coming off of a 3-7 stretch where they have lost their last three games. This has been a stretch that has led to some of their worst basketball of the season and it doesn’t get any easier with the schedule coming up.

In their next five games they have to go through the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder followed by home games against the two teams that met in the NBA Finals last season in San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. If the Wolves continue their lackluster play, their record could quickly plummet from a disappointingly respectable 8-9 to much worse.

In what has been labeled an “all-in” kind of season an 8-13, 9-12 record would not be ideal. The Wolves have pooled much of their available resources into this two-year stretch in an attempt to put a product on the court that would convince Kevin Love to stick around long-term. Inconsistent play on the court has me worried about both the short and long term future of the franchise.

2014 offers a slightly optimistic outlook for the hard luck teams that make the lottery, in that the 2014 NBA Draft is loaded with roster-changing talent. However, it is my opinion that this is not the year to be hitting the lottery unless the Wolves have abandoned the Kevin Love-era already.

Overall, I think the Wolves have assembled a roster that can contend with the best in the West, but for that to happen they need to start winning now. A three-game losing streak is one thing, but if that losing streak turns to five or seven games, this season could be spiraling out of control before it even begins.

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