Philadelphia 76ers: Problems Could Arise With A "Big 3" Of Andrew Wiggins, Michael Carter-Williams And Nerlens Noel

By Alan Gung
Andrew Wiggins
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Imagine the new big three of Andrew Wiggins, Michael Carter-Williams and Nerlens Noel. The idea sounds like it could become a greater dynasty than the current one in Miami. The Philadelphia 76ers would definitely be an instant contender, but the issue is how quickly they would jell and how many titles can they win?

If — and that’s a big “if” — the Sixers somehow get the No. 1 pick and Wiggins becomes the player teams covet, the Sixers become the most dangerous team in the NBA. The pressure ultimately lies on Wiggins.

While other potential draft picks might be NBA-ready, Wiggins’ size and upside gives him the edge other players like Jabari Parker and Marcus Smart. Wiggins could develop into the next LeBron James or his idol Kevin Durant. He would fit into a Sixers team with no identity and nothing to lose.

Other factors that can derail a potential dynasty are injuries, chemistry and a supporting cast. Injuries are probably the biggest area of concern. Sixers’ top pick Noel is out the entire season recovering from a torn ACL he suffered in college, and Carter-Williams just came back from a foot injury.

There’s also no telling of how healthy Wiggins will stay as well. He needs to bulk up to help curb the potential for serious injury. He’s 6-foot-8 and 200-pounds, and for an NBA small forward he is skinny.

Major injuries will hinder a team and their chemistry. The other issue is what players the Sixers can sign to complement those three without being taxed heavily. The Sixers are well under the salary-cap. They can afford to sign a few key free agents at an affordable cost but may lose some of their current key players who have been vital contributors this season such as Spencer Hawes and Evan Turner.

In the long-run drafting Wiggins will give the Sixers a cornerstone and franchise player making it easier to build the team around. The Sixers haven’t had one since the days of Allen Iverson, and with him the Sixers were able to attract players to help them contend.

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