Philadelphia 76ers Would Be Foolish to Trade Evan Turner for Dion Waiters

By Zach Slotter
dion waiters
David Richard – USA Today Sports

The rumors are starting to swirl. Philadelphia 76ers general manager Sam Hinkie tried to trade Evan Turner on draft day but had no takers because of his struggles the first three years in the league. But so far through 17 games Turner is having a career year averaging 21.4 points, 7.1 rebounds, 3.9 assists and shooting 47 percent from the field. His value is at an all-time high, and the first rumor to take place is that the Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in Turner and are actively shopping shooting guard Dion Waiters. I am here to tell you that if Hinkie makes this move it will be the first mistake he makes as GM.

I know the 2014 draft class is enticing and Hinkie would like as many picks as possible so the trade with Cleveland makes sense in that regard, but the truth of the matter is Turner might end up being a better pro than anyone in the draft that will get picked outside of the top five. Turner is proving he can excel with the ball in his hands and has developed a solid relationship with Brett Brown. He trusts him, and Turner has embraced the leadership role on this team.

But even if I’m dreaming and there’s no chance Hinkie signs Turner beyond this season trust me when I say this is not the guy you want to trade for if you are going to move him. Waiters is everything that Sixers fans hated about Turner his first three years in the league. Low field goal percentage (40 percent), below average efficiency (13.4 PER) and questionable shot selection. He has proven he cannot play with a superstar, constantly feuding with Kyrie Irving and causing major headaches and even physical confrontations in the locker room. Although the Sixers are lacking a shooting guard he is just not a fit for this team. He would drag them a step back in the rebuilding process and shouldn’t be the type of player Hinkie should look at moving forward.

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