Should Kyrie Irving Be Blamed For Cleveland Cavaliers Poor Form?

By kennethbrown
Winslow Townson- USA TODAY Sports

With the Cleveland Cavaliers a surprise tip to make the 2014 playoffs, it’s safe to say they’ve been a disappointment this season. With superstar point guard Kyrie Irving having a stunning 2012-13, many thought this season would see him build on that, but he has struggled to find the consistency and form from last year. Is it Kyrie’s fault? He certainly thinks so, but surely one man cannot be blamed for a team’s failure, right?

When discussing their faltering form, Irving said, “I’m taking full responsibility of all this. I’m the head the snake of all this. I’ve just got to be better. I’ve got to do more. I’ve got to do extra stuff out there on the floor, off the floor, with these guys and and have got to ramp up my level of play. I’ve just got to be better … It’s starts with me. I’ve just got to be better and I will be a lot better.”

Words of this nature are very brave, and show that he has matured as a man, as well as a player.

Perhaps he is correct, maybe he can do more, but only Kyrie will know that much. What will look silly on his behalf, is if his performances fail to improve after such strong, demanding words. His statistics may look good if you are looking at the box score game after game, but after watching one game you can see something’s not quite right with Irving, but after these words of wisdom, you’d hope Kyrie knows what’s wrong, or that he’s working hard to put things for right for himself and the Cavaliers.

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