Soda Spill Fine Unnecessarily High For Jason Kidd

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

If you weren’t sure what the going rate for a cup of soda is in the NBA, just ask Jason Kidd.

The Brooklyn Nets coach was fined an outrageous $50,000 after the league refused to buy his clever acting attempt. He intentionally told point guard Tyshawn Taylor to bump into him so that he would spill his beverage onto the floor, giving his team an extra opportunity to huddle up with no timeouts remaining and with only seconds to go in the fourth quarter.

Given that Kidd’s spillage was clearly staged in order to delay the game, I don’t blame NBA execs for making him pay the price. If you don’t manage your timeouts properly, you don’t deserve the convenience of being able to artificially create one. Plus, those poor towel boys probably have dreadful nightmares about something as sticky as soda getting on the court during the final minute of such an intense game.

But $50,000? I’m sorry, but was that soda as dangerous as a helmet-to-helmet hit across the middle by a strong safety? I don’t think so. It’s not like Kidd set it up during the middle of a fast break and put somebody’s ACL in jeopardy.

$5000 or $10,000 seems like it would’ve been a much more rational number for Kidd’s offense. I mean, it was a cup of soda for crying out loud. Not to mention, I have a very hard time believing that any sort of four or five-figure fine wouldn’t have been enough of a deterrent for Kidd to pull that card again in the future.

All I know is that fans shouldn’t expect to see any more bad acting jobs like that from Kidd — or other NBA coaches — anytime soon.

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