What Will it Take For Cleveland Cavaliers to Recover From Losing LeBron James?

By kennethbrown
John E. Sokolowski- USA TODAY Sports

It might seem crazy that people are still talking about LeBron James‘ departure, given that it was over three years ago, but is the pain of losing their greatest ever player still lingering around the organization? The Cleveland Cavaliers have tried hard to move on from his legacy, and despite many trades and high draft picks, and many different tactics, they are still pining for their former hero.

Whether or not James returns to Cleveland in the summer of 2014 is a different matter. The Cavaliers will never forget the pain they felt when they lost their star player, although they might forgive him. If LeBron decides to play somewhere other than Cleveland once again, the Cavaliers will be forced to move on once and for all. But where would they go from there?

There are alternatives. Carmelo Anthony will be available, although it looks increasingly unlikely that the Cavaliers could entice a player of his caliber to their struggling franchise. Of course, another season of struggling would result it another luxurious draft pick, but that hasn’t helped them in the last few years (other than Kyrie Irving), so why would they build their hopes around that?

Whatever happens in the next 12 months, one thing is clear, the Cavaliers need to get LeBron to return for good, or move on and forget him. Yes, he was their greatest player, but at the moment, “was” is the key word. Looking at the past will do nothing for their franchise.

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