Why Are The Cleveland Cavaliers So Inconsistent?

By kennethbrown
Winslow Townson- USA TODAY Sports

Every time the Cleveland Cavaliers lose a close game or have a few days off people are quick to say “this will be the turning point”. It’s a reasonable assumption that once they’ve lost by a few points or earned the fans’ respect once again they would build on it. Also, with a few days rest one would think the team would be able to build on their weaknesses, but for some reason they seem to take one step forward and one step back. So why are the Cavaliers one of the most inconsistent teams in the NBA?

The Cavaliers entertained the defending champions, the Miami Heat, at home on Wednesday, November 27, and they lost 95-84. Although a deficit of that amount is still considered disappointing in the NBA, the Cavaliers took some momentum from it. Teams have been destroyed by the Heat this season, and likewise teams have won by two or three times that amount against the Cavaliers this season. So to lose by 11 against the best team in the world wasn’t as bad as some would think.

Then they traveled to fellow strugglers, the Boston Celtics, and inevitably their expectations were higher than when they had faced the Heat. Despite this, they fell to a large 103-86 defeat, which led to fury across the entire Cavaliers’ organization; and who can blame them? Just as they create some form of momentum and begin to build something they change the dynamics and seem inept and unable to perform basketball basics.

It’s been a tough ride so far, and as time continues to pass Mike Brown appears to be none the wiser. So how can the Cavaliers find the consistency they so desperately seek?

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