Brooklyn Nets: Team Chemistry Shown in Victory Over Memphis

By Aydin Reyhan
Brook Lopez
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets led throughout most of the game down in Tennessee against the Memphis Grizzlies, and they were able to hold off a comeback to snap their three game losing streak in the FedExForum.

The Nets were once again without Deron Williams, but they also missed Andre Kirilenko, Jason Terry and Paul Pierce in a game where everyone else seemed to contribute in their own way.

Joe Johnson, Andre Blatche and Brook Lopez led the team in scoring while others scored some crucial points to shift momentum Brooklyn’s way.

Memphis was without their two key big men, Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol, and this forced the team to face a huge amount of difficult when it came to stopping Brooklyn’s big men, namely Lopez who had his way towards the end of the game with a bunch of scoring plays.

Both sides had their moments of brilliance while they also made some mistakes, but the real story is how they managed to perform with the roster at hand.

The Nets managed to bounce back from their horrific loss down in Texas against the Houston Rockets, which was a game where they were down by 30 at one point. Tonight’s 97-88 win over Memphis was much-needed.

Even though this was just one game, the Nets can look to build on this and realize that their big men can have a lot of say in their offense. One of their bigs hit a career high three treys in Blatche. He, Lopez and Garnett can lead this team to many victories if they can work around the many defensive units around the league.

Without Williams, they have Johnson who can score, distribute and handle the ball to perfection as a shooting guard. He scored 26 points tonight in a game where he decided to once again hit most of his shots. He is an important factor the starting five, and perhaps even more so important than D-Will.

If the Nets can continue playing like this, they can find a way into the post season which is still a ways away.

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