Chris Paul's Value To Los Angeles Clippers Deserves Recognition

By christopherbrown
Brett Davis USA TODAY Sports

Baring an invasion by an extraterrestrial being that sucks the basketball DNA out of the three-time NBA MVP Lebron James, the Miami Heat forward can expect to add more hardware to his collection.

James’ broad shoulders and video game stats make it difficult for anyone to argue his yearly candidacy. However, the league has worked hard to be a model of equality in professional sports. The NBA is the first league to have a minority owner, instituted a luxury tax to prevent the big-market teams from monopolizing the free agent market without paying dearly, and awarded former Utah Jazz star Karl Malone the league MVP because Michael Jordan really deserved it.

Los Angeles Clippers utility guard Chris Paul has as good of chance as any to go into next offseason with an MVP added to his resume. James means a lot to the Heat, but Paul is everything to the Clippers. Aside from holding the NBA record for consecutive games with 10 or more assists, being the team’s best shooter and toughest player, the Clippers would be playing the lotto in May without Paul at the helm. The Heat still have Dwyane Wade and the Eastern Conference.

A second-round playoff appearance by the Clippers with a healthy Paul and should make it shoo-in for “Captain Clipper”. James has made winning basketball awards cliche, but Paul being named to the honor would be a Clippers first.

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