Indiana Pacers Will Get Second Loss of The Year vs. Portland Trail Blazers

By Aydin Reyhan
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Indiana Pacers have been a force to be reckoned with as they are boasting a record of 16-1. The team is stacked in every position and have bench players to back them up which makes them a real force on the court.

Their opponents tonight will be none other than the Portland Trail Blazers, who themselves are one of the best out west at 14-3. The team is not stacked in every position, but the ones that they do appear to have filled seem to be enough. If they keep playing at the pace that they are, making the postseason should be no issue.

Now, let’s take the time to talk about the best players on each side.

The visiting Pacers have arguably the best player on either side in a small forward who can score, assist, rebound and defend throughout the entire 48 minute game, Paul George. He gets the most help from Roy Hibbert, who is arguably the best center in the entire NBA. He can block almost any shot near the rim and can score points with sheer power.

As for the Blazers, they will be led by sophomore point guard, Damian Lillard, who takes a lot of shots but does score over 20 points to show for it. He can also dish out over five assists a game. His partner in crime would have to be LaMarcus Aldridge who can score at least 25 on any given good night. Luckily for his team, he has a lot of those.

Prediction: Portland 106, Indiana 95

The home side will build a huge opening lead while the visitors will not go away until the final minutes of the game.

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