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Magic Johnson Gives Oprah a Tour of His Man Cave

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Magic Johnson

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

You don’t just get a nickname like Hall of Fame Mogul. That’s what some people refer to Magic Johnson as and it’s because he has five NBA championships and because of the success he’s had in the business world since his playing days ended. As you would imagine, Magic has quite the home. He recently gave a tour of his man cave to Oprah Winfrey for a segment on her network.

Check out Johnson’s basketball-themed setup:

And you thought your man cave had some cool items.

It’s kind of shocking that Magic doesn’t wear his championship rings, but I’m sure he’s one of many that don’t. The display he’s using instead of his fingers is just plain awesome. I didn’t think his custom basketballs were quite as cool as the championship trophies and rings, but they are one of a kind. I knew that Magic had a lot of records, but I would have never guessed that many.

As for Johnson’s whereabouts these days, he’s no longer on the set of ESPN’s NBA Countdown show. There were rumors of a beef between him and Bill Simmons, but the Sports Guy spoke out against them and claimed the story was made up. Regardless of what happened, Magic is no longer on the show and it’s definitely not the same without him and Mike Wilbon.

On top of his many business dealings, Magic is also of course a part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since his group bought the team, they’ve no doubt had increased success.


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