New York Knicks Rumors: Jeff Van Gundy Whispers Could Signal the End of Mike Woodson Era

By Kyle Bostic
Anthony Gruppuso

With some franchises there are always certain variables you can count on. The Miami Heat can count on Pat Riley building a championship contender. The San Antonio Spurs can count on RC Buford and Gregg Popovich to consistently exemplify a first class organization. The New York Knicks‘ one consistent factor you can always count on is chaos.

With the team starting off an abysmal 3-13 and in-fighting seeming to be apparent among players, now whispers of Jeff Van Gundy speaking with ownership have to push Mike Woodson‘s scalding chair almost to a boiling point. Knicks owner James Dolan, who laughably called this squad a championship contender at the beginning of the season, is now looking for some way to salvage a playoff spot for last year’s Atlantic Division Champions.

While injuries have played a part, no one can say that Woodson has done a bang up coaching job this season. From lack of a consistent lineup to the over-reliance on J.R. Smith, Woodson has dug himself a hole that smells like an inescapable trough. The fact that a supposed defensive coach can be comfortable with a washed up, beyond salvageable Amar’e Stoudemire as the first big man off his bench screams of a regime change. The players have uttered it subtlety in statements like “we don’t know how to win.” These speak of the futility of having a coach whose philosophies such as constant switching and isolation basketball no longer resonate.

Jeff Van Gundy did wondrous things his last time around. He took a No. 8 seed Knicks team to the Finals with a player less talented and more flawed than the Knicks’ current star Carmelo Anthony in Latrell Sprewell. The writing may be on the wall for Woodson, but his reading of that writing may not come until after Thursday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets.

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