The Brooklyn Nets Have Painted Themselves Into A Coaching Corner

By Sean McKenney
Jason Kidd
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

At the moment, Brooklyn is not a great place to play basketball. The super team of the Brooklyn Nets never showed up for practice, and instead, fans got a bus full of incoherent walking injuries, capable only of going 3-and-10 on the season. For a little perspective, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s former team, the Boston Celtics, have a better record. That’s right, the team with All-Star starters are behind the group featuring Jordan Crawford as their biggest star.

Ask any Nets fan and they’ll tell you — this isn’t how it’s supposed to go. Heck, Garnett even came out and called the situation embarrassing. Still, there is a sense of hope on the team. This much talent can’t possibly be bad forever, right? After all, with all the injuries adding up, especially with so many old bodies, this could just be a fluky start. I could understand a few skids or defensive hiccups here and there being a fluky start, but losing 10 games this early in the season? That is no fluke; the Nets are in some trouble.

I’m no historian, but when it comes to Deron Williams, we’ve seen this movie before. Williams’ team isn’t doing so well; he maybe mentions a few off-handed things to the media or front office, and then wham. New coach. With the level of talent on the team, and with more and more anonymous reports starting to surface, Jason Kidd isn’t having a lot of success, if the Nets keep stinking up downtown Brooklyn night in and night out, it could be time for a personnel change.

However, this is where the problem surfaces. If a Nets team this good on paper was so bad under any other coach, he would be out the door by now, guaranteed. This is no ordinary coach. His name hangs from the rafters in the Barclays Center and was requested by the alleged coach-buster Williams. As a “new-look fresh start” franchise, the Nets are trying to gain credibility. If they can’t find their winning ways, they would have to choose between sticking to their guns and challenging last year’s Los Angeles Lakers for the “Lamest Super Team Ever” award, or by firing possibly the most hyped piece to their supposed championship puzzle.

If the Nets don’t start winning, the coaching situation is going to get ugly, and fast.

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