5 Reasons Why Mike Woodson Is Not The New York Knicks’ Problem

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5 Reasons Why Mike Woodson Is Not The New York Knicks' Problem

Why Mike Woodson Shouldn't Be On The Hotseat
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It makes me angry that I'm spending my Wednesday night writing a story defending New York Knicks' head coach Mike Woodson, when there really is no reason why I should need to be. Before the season started, the last thing I thought I would be writing about is why Mike Woodson should keep his job. Especially considering the fact that there has been absolutely no stability at the Knicks' head coaching position for the last decade or so. I also, just like most people, did not expect the Knicks to start so dreadfully, so there's that. But regardless, Woodson has been on the hot seat, as any coach who starts 3-13 justifiably is.

I personally think the record is the only reason why he should be on the hot seat. All this talk about how he might not make it until the end of the week as the head coach, frankly, is absolutely ridiculous. Mike Woodson has done nothing but good for the Knicks' organization since he took over as interim head coach after the firing of Mike D'Antoni in 2011.

I can think of probably around 20 reasons why Mike Woodson is not the Knicks' issue, and it's so typical of Knicks' fans to blame their teams' struggling on the head coach. They're justified in a lot of ways, I mean, we had to sit through Larry Brown, Isiah Thomas, Lenny Wilkins, and I'll even go ahead and add Mike D'Antoni to that list purely for the disappointment factor. But Woodson? Come on, now. The last thing this man deserves is to read "Fire Woodson" signs when he's trying to coach a team that has not reached expectations. So I'll give you five reasons why Mike Woodson is not the problem and does not deserve all the heat he's under.

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5. Tyson Chandler Has Been Out

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While the whole world is taking the time to critique the Knicks' poor start, has anyone forgotten that 2011 Defensive Player of The Year and centerpiece Tyson Chandler has only played three full games this season? A lot of the Knicks' problems are coming inside the paint, and the answer as to why is quite obvious. They've been missing perhaps the most important player on their team besides Carmelo Anthony. Once Chandler comes back, the Knicks won't give up as many points in the paint and less pressure will be on lackluster defensive players such as Andrea Bargnani to defend the basket. Woodson has had to figure out ways to replace Chandler and clearly it's not an easy task.

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4. JR Smith Is Struggling ... Immensely

jr spliff
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Can last season's 6th Man of The Year J.R. Smith be playing any worse right now? I mean missing the first five games due to smoking pot was bad, but I think he's actually made things worse since he's been back. In fact, with J.R. on the floor this season, the Knicks are -46 points on the year. J.R. is not only taking terrible shots, shooting terribly from the floor (33 percent on field goals and 29 percent from behind the arc), and turning the ball over, but he's playing awfully on defense. He's getting beat off the dribble and letting opponents get to the basket at ease. The drop in performance from last season is nearly incomprehensible.

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3. He Doesn't Have The Depth He Did Last Year

No 4
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On top of Tyson Chandler being out, Mike Woodson has almost no real depth to his team currently. Outside of an emerging Tim Hardaway Jr. and Pablo Prigioni, Woodson has almost nobody coming off of the bench. On top of that, the Knicks could not be any shorter at the four and five positions. With A'Mare Stoudemeire and Kenyon Martin both battling injuries (yet again), not only are they currently unproductive, but they will likely never return to form. That makes setting lineups very difficult for Woodson, especially considering that the Knicks were deep to the 12th Man last season.

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2. MeloDrama

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It's been here since before Carmelo even threw on a Knicks' uniform for the first time. MeloDrama (or the drama involving or surrounding Carmelo Anthony) is back on the radar. It quieted down after the Knicks were winning last season, but it's been back around ever since they dropped last seasons' playoff series to the Indiana Pacers.

At the moment, it may be bigger than ever, and it is a huge distraction. Knicks' fans have loved to blame Carmelo Anthony for the Knicks' misfortunes ever since he came in. Now that the Knicks are struggling and it's likely that Carmelo will browse other options in the offseason, Knicks fans and players need to realize that Carmelo is the best player to put on a Knicks uniform in a long time. If he leaves in the offseason, they won't get a better player for a long time.

Melo is doing everything he can right now. In fact, he practically is the team with the exception of Raymond Felton and Andrea Bargnani. Melo is going to leave if the Knicks' continue to struggle. Whether it's his fault or not, we may never know. But Carmelo needs to take control of this locker room once and for all and lead this team out of this mess.

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1. James Dolan

he sucks
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I'm sorry, but James Dolan is the most ignorant and uneducated owner this game has ever seen. He has been terrible with the teams' salary cap, made terrible executive hirings and firings, and has been an absolute idiot when it comes to the team itself. He is very unpredictable, and has made a ridiculous amount of mistakes in the time that he has been the Knicks' owner.

There are so many examples from contracts given to players, disrespect to former players, hiring and firing of coaches, and of course, continually undermining Donnie Walsh. It's only a matter of time before Dolan makes another ignorant, impulsive decision and get rid of Mike Woodson. James Dolan has been the biggest off-the-court reason as to why the Knicks' have struggled so much in the last decade or so. He continually sets up his head coaches and star players for failure and then bails on them the second things get rough. James Dolan is nothing but a problem.

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