Brooklyn Nets: Time For Jason Kidd To Become A Man

By Mark Wilson
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time for Jason Kidd to walk into Billy King‘s office and say, “Sorry I took your money, but I now realize I have no business being an NBA head coach. I resign.”

This is not a good basketball team. I’m so tired of hearing the phrase “we still have to work on our chemistry issues.” The only teams that should worry those problems are college teams who bring 18-year-old kids in every year to mesh with juniors and seniors. An NBA team should not have these type of problems.

Now it comes out that the head coach and his top assistant coach are having their own personal problems. Lawrence Frank was demoted by Kidd because of a difference in coaching philosophy. I believe Kidd must have overheard Frank talking trash about his coaching ability. Whatever happened between the two, it’s going to effect the team. Maybe some players were close to Frank, who is a proven coach in the league, and this demotion could divide an already-fragile team.

Maybe Kidd is feeling the pressure that he could be forced out of his position, and maybe he thought the front office was going to hire Frank as his replacement. Kidd has lost the team, and you can tell that by the players’ body language. Kevin Garnett will not look at the reporters during any of his post-game interviews.

As a coach, you have to tell your players to keep your head up, but when you hear one of your veteran players using the term“feel sorry for ourselves”, there is a major problem in the locker room. I know Kidd is new at this, but he is not new to the ups and downs of an NBA season. I’m not sure if he can get his team out of the slump they are in, but he has a big game coming up on Thursday against the New York Knicks. If he were to lose this game, I believe he will and should be fired.

A first-year coach has to overcome many obstacles while trying to build a winner. The main issue with Kidd is that he was given a winner, but injuries have taken away his chance to be considered a good coach, and now he has to really show some coaching powers that simply does not exist for him.

Kidd should have started out with a rebuilding team so there would be no expectations. The Nets were picked not only to contend with Miami for the Eastern Conference, but also for the NBA crown. We knew this was an old team but let’s be realistic abut the situation. The Nets were supposed to be good enough to coach themselves on the court, and all Kidd had to do was get up and yell every now and then.

If he can’t get the attention of his players soon, Kidd will be looking elsewhere for another job and with his credentials, he may be in the TV booth for a long time before some foolish owner takes a chance on a coach who is better suited to be a player.

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