How Close Is Kobe Bryant To Returning To Los Angeles Lakers?

By Ian Meredith
Kobe Bryant
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As the Los Angeles Lakers got to practicing on Tuesday, it was a big day for Kobe Bryant and another mediocre day for Steve Nash.

One Lakers guard is much closer to returning to the hardwood. Bryant reportedly got in about 45 minutes of a full scrimmage, while Nash got in about 10 minutes of drills and shoot-around, proof that the 39-year old point guard is still way behind in any attempt to return to the court. Bryant, on the other hand, is still looking on track for a Friday return against the Sacramento Kings and even got off a big dunk during scrimmages.

As reported by ESPN, Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni was pleased with how practice went, and all signs are pointing in the right direction for Bryant’s return.

It is unknown yet if he will be the same Black Mamba we all loved to watch before the devastating Achilles injury he suffered April 12 versus the Golden Sate Warriors, but Bryant will surely bring 100 percent to the court night in and night out. The biggest things to watch in upcoming weeks will be his explosiveness and footwork, two things Bryant has prided himself in throughout his career.

Bryant has stated that he will make any adaptations needed to his game, but it’s going to take real games played to see what those steps may be. Either way, it sure will be good to have the Mamba back.

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