Jason Kidd Is Sinking the Brooklyn Nets Ship Rapidly

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets are continuously sinking down a hole where there seems to be no way out. They have been so bad that even the coaches are starting to blame one another. Apparently, Jason Kidd wanted Lawrence Frank out as assistant coach, which brings up another problem off the court for the franchise. If they keep doing this, the team will keep on suffering.

This time, they were humbled at the Barclay’s Center against the Denver Nuggets, who are without one of their starters in Danilo Gallinari. However, they did end up ripping the Nets by a score of 111-87 . It does not matter who had a good or bad game for the winners, what matters is that they were able to come into an arena and crush one of the league’s expected title contenders without even breaking a sweat. That is pathetic.

Just because starting point guard Deron Williams is still out due to injury does not mean that the team should be dreadful. Players like Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Joe Johnson should be able to lead this team with their expertise and leadership. The problem is that they are getting older quickly, which means that they need to rely on the youth who are not even close to ready.

Basically, this team is in deep trouble after spending all of the money in the world on players who are aging and losing productivity on a nightly basis. If they cannot find a way to get rid of some guys or miraculously improve their performances, they will keep losing as one or two clutch guys will never be enough.