Miami Heat Risked A Loss For The Long Run

By Richard Nurse
Miami Heat
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last night wasn’t the second night of a back-to-back, but the Miami Heat took on the Detroit Pistons sans Dwyane Wade as he continued his weak-kneed maintenance program.

Only three minutes and three seconds into the game, and it already looked like the wrong night for fans. They were seeing the return of their lackluster start, as well as the reemergence of the turnover monster — 19 of those to be exact. The Heat looked sloppy and uninspired against a team that they had more talent than even without D-Wade.

Despite rallying back from a 16-point deficit, the LeBron James and Michael Beasley show (23 points a piece) wasn’t enough to push the win streak to 11 in a row.

This loss makes you appreciate what a semi-healthy Wade contributes to the team — and not just his 18.5 points per game or his 51 percent shooting. He also brings five rebounds, two steals and a block to the equation. All in all, when Wade sits out, the game becomes pretty hard to watch. However, fans have to fight the urge to complain and remember that his rest is really for the greater good of the Heat.

As James told ESPN, “In Dwyane’s case, he’s on a different program than everyone else, making sure that he continues to make sure that knee is healthy enough to go for the long haul.”

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