Why Is Chris Bosh Averaging So Many Fouls For Miami Heat?

By Jared Doyle
Steve Mitchell- USA Today Sports

Chris Bosh has been having an up and down type of season. Regularly throughout the Miami Heat‘s training camp and preseason, Bosh made proclamations as to how he had finally embraced the center position and how his rebounding and block averages would increase. It seems that his game has gone in the complete opposite direction. Bosh is only averaging 5.8 rebounds per game this season, the lowest of his career. His 14.5 points per game average is also the second lowest of his career which points to how much his game has regressed but not for a lack of trying.

The reduced minutes could be a cause (Bosh is currently at 28.6 mpg), but when watching Bosh play this season you get the overall sense his role is becoming more reduced than ever, especially with Dwyane Wade having a renaissance type of season. What this equates to is Bosh getting less time with the ball in his hands. Even with the reduced minutes, Bosh is averaging 4.6 fouls per 36 minutes, the highest he has had since 2006, which leads one to wonder; how is this possible?

Bosh has been working harder than ever at embracing the center position, but he just hasn’t been successful at it thus far this season. The aggression and relentless determination is there and could be a major reason why Bosh is accruing so many fouls per game. Because of the physical position he plays, Bosh has to box out and rebound against some of the largest players in the league, and because of his size this doesn’t always go so well. The aggressive nature of Bosh down low in the paint is the direct result of the increase in fouls, plain and simple.

Bosh’s play should improve over the course of the season, especially since it is only a quarter of the way through. Either way, the fouls need to decrease in order for Bosh to be the most efficient. Fouls can take a player out of their rhythm, and Bosh’s play this season seems to be completely affected by the high amount he is receiving every game.

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