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5 Things That Could Give Miami Heat Problems On The Road

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5 Things That Could Give The Miami Heat Problems On The Road

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Every critic crows about the possibility of an NBA team coming together on lengthy road trips. They tell you about how these journeys away from home build camaraderie because players don’t have their families to rely on. As a result, they have nothing else to do but bond and fix their little on-the-court issues.

The same can be said for a double-digit loss to a Detroit Pistons team that they would have beaten if it were not for turnovers, lack of energy and — at times — refusing to move the ball.

When combined, the two can bring the focus back. So says Miami Heat center Chris Bosh (via the South Florida Sun-Sentinel):

“Sometimes a loss puts you right back on edge. It's hard to stay on edge. It's not easy. It's not simple. People from the outside may think it's easy but it's a grind. Every once in a while you're reminded of how much of a grind it is."

But for as much as it keeps the Heat on edge, the current run away from Biscayne Bay can go wrong for a myriad of reasons besides just being on the wrong end of their marquee matchup against the Indiana Pacers.

Each team poses a different threat that could keep knocking Miami off of their pedestal — especially if their starting five continues to get off to slow start after slow start, having to resort to playing the comeback game.

Check out the next five slides to see which problems could give Heat fans the most worries.

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5. Dec. 5 at Chicago

Chicago Bulls
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The Chicago Bulls won’t be pushovers with or without Derrick Rose. They proved that during last year’s playoffs and when they broke Miami’s 27-game win streak in the United Center.

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4. Dec. 7 at Minnesota

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Kevin Love’s league-leading 13.6 rebounds per game will merely be part of the problem as Miami takes their last place board-grabbing skills into the Twin City’s to face the No. 5 ranked glass cleaners, the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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3. Dec. 8 at Detroit (Part I)

Miami Heat
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Game 2 against the Detroit Pistons could feature no Dwyane Wade, again. Call it the curse of the back-to-back.

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2. Dec. 8 at Detroit (Part II)

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The length of Andre Drummond, Josh Smith and Greg Monroe gave the Heat fits when they ended Miami’s 10-game win-streak. Their 18 rebounds, 15 points and 16 points, respectively, also helped a ton.

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1. Dec. 10 at Indiana

Indiana Pacers
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All eyes will be on the first of two December matchups between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat as the league’s No. 1 team aims to take of the heads of the NBA champs.

Their length and bruiser mentality mixed with Paul George’s emerging greatness will give Miami the biggest run for their money.