Chicago Bulls: Derrick Rose Must Become Completely Different Player to Successfully Return

By Ryan Heckman
Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to two devastating injuries to Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, fans were overjoyed each and every time they were able to witness this superstar on the court. When Rose would get the ball early in his career, it was more of a feeling like “I can’t wait to see what he does next.”

Fast forward a few years, and Rose is in the middle of recovering from his second major knee injury in just as many years. Missing his second full season in a row is not only saddening and unfortunate for Rose himself, but for the fans and organization as well. When Rose returns to the court yet again, I have a feeling most fans will be thinking “I hope he doesn’t injure himself again,” rather than being enthralled in his amazing athletic ability every time he touches the ball.

For Rose, his first few years in the league were made successful by his uncanny ability to blow past defenders and get to the hoop. His explosive athletic ability is what made him special. Whether it was in the half court offense or on the break, Rose could make a cut to the hoop and slam it home at any given moment. He made a living on being more athletic than the guy guarding him.

When the former MVP returns, his athleticism likely won’t be the same. Of course, once he injures his knees in the way he has, they are much more susceptible to getting injured again. What does that mean for his play on the court?

Rose will have to change his game in a big way if he is to not only have a successful comeback, but avoid injury again. He’ll have to work hard on his court vision, passing ability and jump shot. Chris Paul anyone? Steve Nash? These are the types of guys his game will have to emulate. He can no longer focus 100 percent on his athleticism when he’s on the court. Rose will have to become a pure point guard.

He was already one of the best in the game, but most would agree that was because of what his athleticism brought to the court. Rose, to get back into elite status, will have to concentrate very hard on becoming a pure point guard when he returns. Assuming the Bulls give him another scorer or two, that should be a realistic goal. If not, then he deserves a different team. Chicago can’t afford to make Rose their number one scoring option yet again when he’s back.

For now, Rose will have to worry about working his way back to jogging and basic basketball practicals. When he is finally able to resume basketball activity at the fullest, Rose will have a huge task ahead of him. Fortunately, we’re talking about one of the most passionate and driven guys in the game of basketball. If anyone can do it, it’s Rose.

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