New York Knicks Need To Trade Carmelo Anthony As Soon As Possible

By Ryan Wenzell
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

To say the New York Knicks have been a disaster this season would be the understatement of the century. Not much has gone right for this franchise.

J.R. Smith does not look right at all coming off knee surgery in the offseason. Tyson Chandler fractured his leg which really put the Knicks behind the eight ball. He is the defensive presence in the paint that the Knicks desperately need.

There is a bigger problem in play here, though: Ownership. Knicks owner James Dolan continues to make boneheaded decisions.

The Andrea Bargnani move was a curious one. He has a horrible contract at over $11 million and his best days are behind him. It is basically the Carmelo Anthony show in New York. If he doesn’t provide the offense on a nightly basis this team would be even more of a disaster.

Anthony is a bit of a black hole himself, however. He is as good as it gets offensively in the league, but his numbers are empty. He has only gotten out of the first round but two times in his entire career and isn’t known as a team guy.

What Anthony desperately needs is a solid floor general to feed him the ball so he doesn’t have to do everything on the court. A change of scenery is desperately needed. Right now it is becoming clear Anthony will jet when the free agency period commences in July.

The Knicks can’t let their star leave without getting something in return. Could a move to the Los Angeles Clippers be possible? Anthony would be the perfect fit next to Chris Paul as a pure scorer.

Anthony would also be paired with an elite point guard. The Knicks may demand that Blake Griffin come the other way to have a young star of their own to build around, and this is a trade that could make sense for both clubs.

Regardless, the Knicks’ season looks lost. They take on the Brooklyn Nets in a match up of two moribund franchises. It is time to hit the reset button on both teams in New York City.

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