Will LeBron James Disappoint in 'Ballers' Movie?

By silviaguevara
Lebron James
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News broke today that LeBron James of the Miami Heat is starring in a movie called “Ballers” with Kevin Hart. Will the theory continue with athletes getting roles in sports movies acting as themselves, but end up not delivering as you think they would?

We have seen the Samsung commercials with James and his family throughout the year, and he seems like a natural in front of the camera. But, how much acting was done by James for the fans to believe in the product he was showcasing?

He is natural as himself and a humble person who is showing his fans his daily routine in his neighborhood in Miami, Fla. Will the transition be the same in the movie Ballers? How would he transition from a superstar athlete to an actor in a starring role? The viewers will see how brilliant or how bad of an actor James will be when the movie comes out in 2014.

Rumors are rolling the movie is similar or a sequel to the movie “Twins” starring Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger, due to the size difference of the twin brothers. In an article I read by Mike Fleming Jr. on deadline.com, he said the reference is being made because of the similar story two brothers: one is 5-foot-2, played by Hart, while James is 6-foot-8.

The difference of the height will draw the fans to go see the movie. Plus, they want to witness for themselves how James is as an actor, and who would not want to see a Kevin Hart movie? The main concept of the movie is that Hart is in the shadow of his NBA superstar brother James, and wants to prove to the world that he can be just as good in basketball.

Will James be a better actor than his teammate Dwyane Wade? “Flash” had a small role in the movie “Just Wright” starring Queen Latifah and rapper Common. He played himself, and in my opinion, he was okay as an actor, but not as much of a natural as you would think.

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