Ben McLemore Should Stay With Sacramento Kings

By Jacob Gray
Kelley L. Cox- USA Today Sports

The sky is the limit for rookie Ben McLemore of the Sacramento KingsThe 20-year-old athletic phenom appears to be maturing at a fast pace. Greatest of all, Mclemore is a team player. Winning is his top priority, not stats.

After being named rookie of the month (November) in the Western Conference, more and more people are starting to tune in and watch this young man wreak havoc in the open floor. At six-foot-five and possessing rare athletic ability, the future is bright in Sac-town. If Sacramento can surround the rookie with proven professionals who will help him adjust and improve then he might be more likely to stay. Nonetheless, winning is the most sure way of guaranteeing Mclemore will stay for years to come.

The last things Kings fans want is for Mclemore to improve as hoped, only to be traded away for a couple second-tier role players (something the Kings have been guilty of too often in the past). From a structural stand point, looking at the Kings’ potential in the next two years, there is a possibility to have an all-star guard and big man playing together (the first time since Mike Bibby and Chris Webber). Mclemore is a true shooting guard. He possesses great shooting ability (catching and off the dribble), good ball handling skills and is capable of guarding multiple positions. In the frontcourt, Demarcus Cousins is a dominant inside force who can also pass well, making the players around him better.  If these two are given the chance to mature together, provided this is indeed optimistic thinking, the Kings will have an all-star guard and center. Players from around the league would be more likely to come play for Sacramento given the great young talent on their roster.

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