Cleveland Cavaliers Must Maintain High Energy To Get on Track

By Cody Williams
Cavs energy
David Richard – USA Today Sports Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers, among many other teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference, have started the 2013-14 season to incredibly disappointing results. The Cavs, with the additions of Andrew Bynum and Jarrett Jack, were projected by most people to come out of the East as a playoff team. In contrast, though, they played the first month of the season with just a 4-12 record.

However, the Cavs have now won two consecutive games for the first time this season as they head into their contest with the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night. While they are still waiting for Kyrie Irving to hit superstar form this year, their big men have played exceptionally well as of late. A big reason for that is that their energy level has changed.

Many people have talked in recent weeks with Cleveland struggling. One of the common denominators in all of these discussions is the fact that the Cavs have been relatively unexciting and rather lethargic whenever they’ve been on the floor. Subsequently, their energy-level on the floor has been less-than-ideal over this time.

In their last two games, though, that’s something that has changed. On offense, though it still hasn’t been the smoothest, they have been moving better as a unit which has not only allowed for more open looks, but also given them a few more second-chance opportunities. Their energy and effort has also been present on the defensive end, with the Cavs fighting on the glass and showing a lot of hustle in their past two games.

Though having Kyrie break out of his semi-slump would also be a plus, the Cavaliers can really turn things around in December if they are able to sustain this level of energy on a game-to-game basis. We’ll see against the Hawks if their recent energy influx was short-lived or if it’s something that they are going to consistently put forth in the future.

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