Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Kobe Bryant to Return Sunday vs. Toronto Raptors?

By Michael Pidgeon
Kobe Bryant
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers are scheduled to face the Sacramento Kings tonight. However, Kobe Bryant will not be in the starting lineup for the purple and gold. The Black Mamba will now be aiming for a return this Sunday against the Toronto Raptors. Regardless of if Kobe returned tonight or this Sunday, both games are being televised on NBA TV. Clearly, the Kobe watch is officially underway.

Bryant has been practicing full speed for the past week, including a dunk with his left hand that Kobe referred to as a “strong layup”. Either way, whatever Kobe wants to refer to it as it was a nice image to see. Bryant’s Achilles tendon is looking good in practice, but taking it to game level is a different story. That is the only thing keeping Kobe from suiting up, but more practice should take care of that.

The fact that NBA TV is so willing to adjust their schedule to televise the Lakers’ game shows the power Bryant has on the entire NBA. Whether or not you like Kobe, you have to acknowledge that when Bryant returns to the court it’s not only a great thing for the Lakers’ team but for the entire NBA.

Everyone is currently sitting on pins and needles waiting for the Black Mamba to make his long awaited return. Will Kobe be able to score at will like he did before his injury? Will his old age catch up to him and his legs? Can the Lakers go from sleepers in the West to contenders with Bryant back at shooting guard? So many questions still to be answered, but if NBA TV has anything to say about it, Kobe’s return will be televised for anyone with the channel to see.

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