Miami Heat: Will This Be The Year Their Interior Defense Catches Up To Them?

By Michael Pidgeon
Heat Interior Defense
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The Miami Heat are the defending back-to-back NBA champions, and they have looked good through the early part of this NBA season. A three-peat is something that very well could occur this season for the Heat, but could this also be the year that their terrible interior defense finally catches up to them and keeps them from winning a championship?

In last night’s game with the Chicago Bulls, Miami was dominated inside the paint by not one, not two, but three members for the Bulls’ front line. Joakim Noah finished with a solid 17 points and 15 rebounds double-double while Carlos Boozer put up almost 30 points and Taj Gibson scored nearly 20 points off the bench. It’s still early in the season so Miami can correct that interior defense, but last night’s showing is nothing to get excited about when it comes to the postseason.

Miami brought in Greg Oden this offseason, but he has yet to be effective whatsoever and Chris Bosh has never been a defensive wizard. Regardless of whether the Heat go with the combination of LeBron James/Shane Battier or James/Udonis Haslem at the forward slots, neither of the two options should scare off opposing big men. James is a freak of nature on both offense and defense, but LeBron can only do so much. Miami needs to find another big man option if they want to improve their interior defense.

The Heat have been able to overcome their shaky interior defense to win their back-to-back rings. However, after a while the other teams in the NBA are going to devise a game plan that will be good enough topple the great LeBron and the rest of the Heat. Will this be that year? That remains to be seen, but after last night’s defensive performance the Heat shouldn’t feel completely confident that they can win a championship again this season.

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