New York Knicks Still Reign Over Brooklyn Nets

By Mark Wilson

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official, the Brooklyn Nets are a horrendous NBA team. The New York Knicks beat the Nets like they were an NBDL team instead of a preseason contender.

The Knicks came into the game on a nine-game losing streak; with whispers of in-house fighting and coaching changes there is no reason for excitement in the Metro Area. The Nets entered the contest still searching for an identity they probably will never find. Their coach is on the hottest seat in the league, and this loss against the Knicks might tip the scales in the direction of Jason Kidd being fired.

We, as fans and sports writers, can keep giving the Nets passes due to injuries, but at some point, the excuses have to stop. When we look at the Nets, we no longer see a team’s production. We based this team off of past seasons and last names. Kevin Garnett is no longer the KG of yesterday, and Paul Pierce is on his last legs as well. Joe Johnson was never the player to bank roll your team on, yet some still think he has the talent to lead a team. Brook Lopez can do only so much, and he is still a limited talent. Deron Williams has not played in what feels like the whole season, but the team has suffered far too many setbacks to think they can crawl out this dark hole they are in.

It hurts my heart to see a team I root for play without any emotion or energy. The Nets seem like they are waiting for players to return and their season will be saved. That might be true, but if they keep playing the way they are, not even a time capsule will benefit them. At 5-14 they still sit in fourth place in the Atlantic Division, but it feels like they are 20 games behind, with only five to go.

If last night was any indication of the level of energy the players are going to shell out for a divisional game against a rival, then we will see many more Beats By Dre commercials with the whole team drowning out the sounds of disgruntled fans and sports writers, such as myself.

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