Oklahoma City Thunder Will Go Nowhere Without Solid Third Scoring Option

By Ryan Wenzell
Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The Oklahoma City Thunder suffered a tough defeat to a solid Portland Trail Blazers squad. What separates Portland from the Thunder right now is that the Trail Blazers are a team. They have at least four guys capable of putting the ball in the hole when they need to.

The Thunder. on the other hand, are totally reliant on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to carry the offensive load on a nightly basis. The third offensive option is nonexistent. As everyone knows by now, they had that third option and then some in James Harden. He is starring for the Houston Rockets as he is the main option and has been afforded opportunities he never had with the Thunder for whatever reason.

Reggie Jackson is a nice backup point guard who can fill it up on occasion, but can’t be relied on night in and night out. Athletic two-guard Jeremy Lamb looks to have solid potential, but again he is an unproven player who has not made his mark on the league yet.

The Thunder need a proven scorer, period. A trade with someone like the Philadelphia 76ers for a guy like Evan Turner or Thaddeus Young might make some sense. They would provide scoring punch off the bench that the Thunder desperately need.

If LeBron James is no. 1 Durant is 1A. He is as good as it gets in terms of scoring the rock. He and the explosive Westbrook need help though. If they don’t get it by the February trade deadline, I am afraid this team will not come out of the Western Conference.

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