Atlanta Hawks: Kyle Korver Sets NBA Record In Win Over Cleveland Cavaliers

By Michael Pidgeon
Kyle Korver
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

NBA teams have never flocked towards signing Kyle Korver to their roster. However, Korver has been a solid role player for the likes of the Philadelphia 76ers, Utah Jazz, Chicago Bulls and now the Atlanta Hawks. For his career, Korver averages just under 10 points a game, but he also averages just about two three-pointers made per game as well, and it’s those three-pointers that Korver is now famous for.

In last night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Korver set a new NBA record for three-pointers made in consecutive games; he has made at least one three-pointer in 90 straight games. When sports fans and media talk about three-point shooters, they tend to sway towards the likes of Reggie Miller and Ray Allen. Well, Korver did something neither of those two were ever able to do.

I don’t know if everyone truly understands just what kind of feat this is that Korver was able to accomplish. During his career, Korver has made a living at the three-point line. Let’s put it this way, just like I previously stated, Korver averages just over nine points a game. In that same career, he averages just about two three-pointers made per game. So, six out of his nine points come from the three point line. You have to think opposing teams know this, so how exactly was Korver able to make a three in 90 straight games?

Korver is an extremely talented three-point shooter, and this record now proves that. It truly is astonishing that a player like Korver, who relies so heavily on the three ball, was able to make one in 90 straight games without a team stopping him. How much longer he continues to carry this record is still to be determined, but for now, Korver is the current three-point king of the NBA.

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