Brooklyn Nets: Lawrence Frank Move Shows Leadership Of Jason Kidd

By Mike B. Ruiz
Joe Camporeale-USA Today Sports

Business is business, and clearly Jason Kidd’s got that concept down pat.

Nothing wrong with that at all. Which is why no one should think the Brooklyn Nets head coach turned his back on former assistant coach Lawrence Frank, who he “reassigned” earlier in the week by removing him from the bench and leaving him out of practices as well.

Kidd chalked it up to nothing more than differences in philosophy with Frank, who was mainly responsible for the team’s defensive approach. He insisted that it was nothing personal, a thought that would’ve been difficult to imagine considering Kidd was the one who wanted Frank as his right-hand man more than anyone else.

Nonetheless, Frank will be out of sight during the most important moments for a Nets team that’s fallen all the way to 5-14 after being projected as a serious championship contender by many over the offseason.

Maybe it’ll fix things over time. Maybe it won’t. Either way, one thing is for certain: Kidd asserted himself as the top dog. A number of close observers of Brooklyn’s bench hierarchy before Frank’s canning admitted to being astonished by it, saying it appeared Kidd was relying too heavily on his top two assistants and not doing enough on his own.

But that notion will be no more. Kidd made sure to clarify that only moments after announcing Frank’s demotion by stating that there will be no more specific delegations within the coaching staff, and that he and everyone else “will just be coaches.”

Good for him. He not only put more onus on himself, but showed his sleepwalking players that he will be their only leader off the court. They’ve got to respect that. I know I most definitely do.

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