Brooklyn Nets Rumors: Team Should Fire Jason Kidd

By Shane Phillips
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd is like a trust fund baby or those annoying kids born with silver spoons in their mouths. Somehow, some way, in some capacity, owner Mikhail Prokhorov thought it was a good idea to put new retiree Kidd in charge of the Brooklyn Nets. Did I mention that the Nets have the largest pay roll in the NBA or that Kidd has never coached before?

Freshly retired from the Association and named the head coach of the most expensive basketball organization, Kidd was sitting on top of the world. He essentially had to do nothing to earn a head coaching position, event though there were numerous, better qualified candidates available.

Despite Kidd’s lack of coaching experience, many expected the Nets to do well thanks to their offseason acquisitions such as Paul PierceKevin Garnett and Jason Terry. Instead, Brooklyn is 5-14 and the second worst team in the Eastern Conference.

I know that the Nets are dealing with injuries to a handful of their star players, but they still have Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson and Garnett. Those three players are a high enough caliber to have Brooklyn in the playoffs, considering how awful the East is.

It is time for Prokhorov to pull the plug on Kidd and find a new leader for this mockery of a team. Look at what Kidd has done since being named head coach: He has been charged with DWI and suspended two games, he purposely spilled a drink on the court to stop play so the Nets could draw up a play and he was fined $50,000 and he has “reassigned” assistant Lawrence Frank due to different points of view. Oh, and don’t forget the 5-14 record.

If that isn’t enough negative news about Kidd, the Nets were recently blown out by their rival the New York Knicks, 113-83. Clearly Kidd was not prepared for the duties and pressures of being a professional head coach. He always looks flabbergasted and lost whenever caught on camera.

It’s not too late for Brooklyn to make the playoffs. With the East in such poor condition, they can easily recover for a solid playoff seed, but they need to get rid of the cancer that is Kidd before it is too late. No one automatically becomes a head coach and succeeds, it takes patience and time, Kidd is no exception.

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