Jason Terry Still Believes Brooklyn Nets Will Be Great

By Mike B. Ruiz
Anthony Gruppuso-USA Today Sports

Despite all the misery taking place around the Brooklyn Nets, guard Jason Terry has lost no faith in their capability of turning things around.

“Oh, no doubt,” Terry responded earlier in the week when asked if he remained optimistic during the awful start. “We’re going to be a great team – not a good team – a great team. And we just got to get healthy, No. 1, but we just got to continue to fight.

“Too many times, even when we did have our guys, when a team made a run on us or something, we’ve dropped our head and felt sorry for ourselves. No, it’s just basketball.”

Terry’s message couldn’t have been stated any better. Going into this season, Brooklyn made it clear that it was championship or bust, as the trade of the summer landed them Terry and two future Hall of Famers in Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. So banking on being respectable isn’t enough for this group.

They must instead bank on being one of the most feared teams in the league, the way they did months ago. And it certainly isn’t too late to make that happen, because even through all the struggles, the Nets still have 63 games to turn things around in a very big way.

But the second part of Terry’s message was just as important as the first. Maybe even more so. There seems to come a point in almost every Nets’ loss where a run by the oppositions becomes so far out of hand that it decides the game.

Those runs must come to an end in order for Brooklyn to be more competitive. Also, kudos to Terry for calling his team out on losing their edge during those rough stretches.

Now it’s time for he and the rest of the Nets to turn those words into actions.

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