Carmelo Anthony Harsh, Honest About New York Knicks’ 41-Point Loss to Boston

By Cody Williams
Carmelo Anthony Knicks Celtics
Joe Camporeale – USA Today Sports Images

The New York Knicks looked as they might be getting a bit hot coming into their game with the Boston Celtics on Sunday afternoon. After starting the 2013-14 NBA season at a miserable 3-13, the Knicks had gone out and won two in a row in relatively dominant fashion. It seemed like the Knicks might be finding a bit of magic from last season and that the lowly Celtics would only help them keep getting into stride.

Things played out a bit differently on Sunday afternoon, though.

Basically all that really would need to be said is that the Celtics started the game on a 25-3 run on New York. However, that doesn’t fully do the Knicks’ abysmal effort its due justice. The Knicks managed just 73 points on the night while allowing 114 from Boston, which is a 41-point loss for the Knicks. Moreover, the Knicks shot just 34.2 percent from the field and their starters combined to shoot only 9-41 from the field while allowing the Celtics to shoot over 50 percent from the floor.

After the game in an interview with Ian Begley of ESPN New York, Carmelo Anthony called the loss an “embarrassment” and said that every player for the Knicks should be “pissed off.” Mike Woodson talked in the article as well saying that it was a “step backwards” and Amar’e Stoudemire added that the embarrassing loss was on the players and not on their head coach, who has been discussed as being on the hot-seat lately.

Though the comments coming from the roster and coach certainly don’t inspire any optimism, you have to respect the honesty and self-awareness of this team. They know they have more talent than what they are showing and that the onus should fall on them, which there’s something to be said for them having that knowledge.

Woodson may be part of the problem, but a new coach isn’t going to make much of a difference going forward if the Knicks don’t execute their system more soundly. Specifically, I don’t know what exactly this team needs to get going. Maybe it’s Tyson Chandler, maybe it’s a trade that they need. However, I do know that they need a fire lit under them, because right now there’s not even a hint of smoke.

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