New York Knicks Are Stuck With Mike Woodson, For Better Or Worse

By Damein Fitzgerald
Mike Woodson
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

New York Knicks head coach Mike Woodson is in the most undesirable position in professional sports by far. The media has placed Woodson squarely on the hot sea, because the Knicks’ play has been terrible, and the perception is that a coaching change would remedy all the problems plaguing New York.

At some point, all professional teams need to be realistic about their expectations, and the Knicks need to realize that no coach in the world would be able to turn this particular version of the team into a championship contender.

The Knicks are in a state of disarray for many reasons, but Woodson has received the majority of the criticism. They have the second-highest payroll in the NBA, but have become a prime example of the fact that money alone will not buy team success. In the current NBA standings, only the Milwaukee Bucks and Utah Jazz have more losses than the Knicks, and the situation in New York is rapidly becoming irreparable.

When the Knicks’ payroll is taken into consideration, the situation in New York is extremely embarrassing. The team ranks 24th overall in points per game, 29th in rebounds per game and were just demolished by 41 points at the hands of the Boston Celtics. The Knicks’ front office has put together a roster full of overpaid players who don’t mesh well with each other on the court, and their contracts are too large to trade to another team.

If anyone really believes that Woodson is to blame, then the challenge becomes finding a coach that would take on a vacant head coaching position with the Knicks and their current roster. With all the speculation about Woodson’s job security, there aren’t many high-profile coaches lining up for the opportunity to replace him.

If the Knicks’ seriously want to turn their season around, they better figure out how to make their current situation work, because they don’t have many other options.

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