Brooklyn Nets: Defeating Boston Celtics is Highlight of Season

By Michael Pidgeon
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were traded from the Boston Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets, everyone expected the Nets to be one of the top teams in the NBA while Boston would fade off into the sunset without putting up much of a fight. Well, neither of those two things have occurred, and actually, it’s been quite the opposite.

Brooklyn entered tonight’s contest with the Celtics having a 6-14 record while Boston entered with a 10-12 record. The Nets weren’t projected to be anywhere near as bad as they have been and the Celtics weren’t projected to be anywhere close to .500. Well, following tonight’s victory, Brooklyn finally has a reason to celebrate.

Although Pierce and Garnett weren’t a huge part of the Nets’ victory, both players can now smile just a little bit. Deron Williams and Brook Lopez both had great games which helped give the former Celtics bragging rights at least for one night.

What happens to both teams moving forward is yet to be determined, but this victory may be exactly what the doctor ordered for the Nets. If KG and Pierce can keep themselves motivated and improve the effort they have been putting forth, there is still time for Brooklyn to turn this around.

Boston, on the other hand, still is awaiting the return of star point guard Rajon Rondo. If the Celtics have been this competitive in the extremely weak Eastern Conference, expect to see Rondo improve Boston even more.

Will the Nets win the NBA Championship this season? That’s still highly doubtful. However, tonight’s victory may send the Nets on the run everyone expected from them at the beginning of the season.

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