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Dallas Mavericks Off Their Game Against Sacramento Kings

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Bernard James

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

A 5-foot-9 defender blocking a shot from a 6-foot-10 player; are you kidding me?

This move was for real as Sacramento KingsIsaiah Thomas managed to prevent Dallas MavericksBernard James from making his attempt at the Sleep Train Arena on Monday for the last NBA game of the night.

What went wrong? Well, for starters, Sacramento had it right!

Dallas’ defense and offense were off in Sacramento, so the Kings thrived and ended up ruling their own court. I am still shocked and appalled because the Mavericks had as many wins as Sac had losses at 13 each entering this matchup, and that has not wavered since the victory tipped in the latter’s favor this time.

The hustle hardwood that I think that the Mavs need was what the Kings had all along throughout regulation.

Let us review the case between James and Thomas, the Sacramento point guard who returned to the starting lineup for the first time this season when previous starting PG Greivis Vasquez was traded to the Toronto Raptors for Rudy Gay. When Dallas’ backup center was ready to score, the Sac guard, who is over an entire foot shorter than the player in possession, managed to block the shot!

To make matters worse for the Mavs, the Kings’ starting center DeMarcus Cousins rebounded the ball. While I referred to Big D as Dallas and its special sauce, powerful power forward Dirk Nowitzki, Sacramento has its own Big Ds as not-so-secret weapons who came through in Cousins and forward Derrick Williams. Both of these Big D Kings topped the scoring in this game at over 30 points a pop.

Now how can the Mavs make this right?

Changes absolutely must take place. Earlier this season, I proposed for Dallas to address issues immediately, so this is the ideal time to do so before its next game against the Golden State Warriors and before returning home to face the Milwaukee Bucks.

Another issue that the Mavs have is that they tend to raise their hoop hype almost or all the way to the top (like they did when they were crowned champs of the 2011 Finals) only to drop down again. It is imperative for them to maintain their Mavs mo-jo so I suggest to them not to let success get to their heads and slip from their fingertips, figuratively and literally.

Due to Thomas’ play, that throwback track “Shorty Swing My Way” is playing on the brain. However, this K.P. and Envyi jam does not make me and other Mavs Fans for Life envious of the Kings because Dallas still has game and can bounce back from this.

Elaine Dispo is a Dallas Mavericks writer for Follow her on Twitter, “Like” her on Facebook or add her to your network on Google.

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