Paul George Crowns Kevin Durant As NBA's Toughest Cover

By Brian Anderson
Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James may be applauded as the best all-around player in the NBA, but that does not make him the toughest player to cover. At least that is what Paul George of the Indiana Pacers says after he gave the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s Kevin Durant the nod as the toughest player to guard in the entire league.

“It is a tougher matchup. I watch their games; I watch a lot of NBA games. And offensively, KD is most of the times he’s scoring in bunches off of iso plays and one-on-one plays. And when they play against us, he’s moving a lot. He’s the screener, he’s getting back-screened and he’s coming off pin-downs and it’s a little different when I’m guarding him and it makes it a tougher cover.”

My personal opinion has always been that Durant would be my pick if I ever got the chance to start an NBA franchise – a franchise that I would probably name the Durantulas. In all seriousness, George is correct; Durant is the best offensive player in the league and he is getting better every year. He has averaged more rebounds than James has in the last two seasons and his assist averages are not far behind. Durant’s passing ability will be as good if not better than James’ eventually.

George is known as a ferocious defender so it is not as if he has no room to crown Durant as the toughest matchup. PG24 probably thought Durant had superpowers because no matter what he tried he just could not stop the 6-foot-10 superstar from putting up 36 points in the Thunder’s victory over the Pacers on Sunday.

I respect George for his honesty on Durant. He is a serious MVP candidate and he does not have to give anyone credit if he does not want to. Although, some would say his remarks are a subliminal shot at James, who he will be contending with for the No.1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Regardless of why he said it, it is no secret how good KD is. Someone will eventually step up and crown him as the best player in the league even though he is already good enough to carry the crown.

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