Kevin Durant's Dominance Continues In Oklahoma City Thunder Win Over Atlanta Hawks

By Brian Anderson
Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant continued to be smooth as butter in the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s 101-92 win against the Atlanta Hawks. KD has been on a tear early this season, leading his team to a 16-4 record while also knocking off more than a few of the NBA‘s most elite teams, squads like the Indiana Pacers, San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Clippers.

He’s had a lot of help from the key players on the team, but he’s clearly set himself apart from about 99.8 percent of the league — at least that’s what my numbers say.

No one seems to be talking about how much he has improved on the glass this year. Durant is averaging career-highs in rebounding, while also pulling in six double-doubles out of his last eight games, including one triple-double. The Thunder is also no.2 in the league in rebounds.

Durant is an extremely unselfish player. He knows how much his team needs him to contribute on the boards. He sacrifices his own production by making sure that other players have opportunities in transition. It doesn’t that he’s becoming an exceptional passer, averaging five assists a night. I don’t see why he couldn’t eventually become a double-double per night player, putting his name with an elite group of stars.

It is very possible for KD to average double-figures in rebounding. He’s already packed on a some weight so he can throw it around down in the trenches. His body will continue to strengthen as he builds mass during offseason workouts. It won’t get to the point where he’s out there throwing bows like Shaquille O’Neal, but he’s always wanted to bulk up a bit.

Trust me, it isn’t easy for us skinny guys. It isn’t something that comes overnight, that’s why I said he could “eventually” average a double-double. It could be a few years.

Skinny, big, tall or small — Durant is a phenomenal player. It’s scary when you think about how young he is. His passion for basketball easily mirrors that of players like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant,  not taking anything away from anyone I didn’t mention unless your name is LeBron James.

Honestly, sometimes you just want to get a little peek into the future to see what becomes of some these players’ legacy. With no peeking and eyes closed, you know Durant’s legacy will include a first-class ticket to the Hall-of-Fame.

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