Lawrence Frank Debacle Proves Jason Kidd Was Biggest Mistake Brooklyn Nets Ever Made

By Ryan Heckman
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

What were the Brooklyn Nets thinking? I mean, quite honestly, hiring a guy that is 10 days fresh out of retirement with absolutely zero coaching experience — what did they expect? Throwing Jason Kidd into the fire as a head coach was one thing, but putting him in charge of a team chock full of veterans like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce — whom, if you recall, he was playing against just months ago in the postseason — was bound for a disaster.

Did Brooklyn seem to care? No, not at all. Seemingly, without thinking, they took the gamble.

A few months later, and the Nets are now falling deeper and deeper into an abyss of pure demise. What was supposed to be a grand idea has turned into exactly what many of us thought it would: A complete and utter disaster.

The Nets tried to make it easier on Kidd by bringing in Lawrence Frank, supposedly, to be his right hand man. With Frank having previous experience with Kidd, coaching him on the Nets, these two were guaranteed to be a match made in heaven, right?

Not so much.

With the recent news surfacing that Kidd was said to have cursed out his assistant coach in a situation that ultimately led Frank to being reassigned, the madness has reached an all-time high. In case you haven’t heard, Kidd was said to have uttered the following when Frank had began to bother him, continually objecting to his coaching techniques:

“Sit the (bleep) down! I’m the coach of this (13-letter word) team! When you’re on the bench, don’t (bleeping) move!”

That statement, according to CBS Sports, is where the boiling point reached its maximum and Frank was reassigned to filing daily team reports, rather than his usual duties.

The fallout between these two coaches shows one thing, and one thing only: The Nets made an enormous mistake in hiring Kidd. Look throughout his history, and you’ll see that Kidd hasn’t even been able to lead his own marriage and struggled with chemical addiction in the past. If he can’t even lead his own marriage, how did they expect him to lead a team full of veterans?

The fact of the matter is, Brooklyn is going to continue to suffer under Kidd’s “leadership” and until he is fired, the Nets will just consistently be much less than they had the potential to be. It’s that simple.

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