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Top 5 Coaches The New York Knicks Wish They Could Hire

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New York Knicks Fans Have Seen Enough From Mike Woodson

Carmelo Anthony and Mike Woodson
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Coaching basketball is comparable to playing chess. Each coach must devise a plan of attack before the game starts, but the counter-moves made by the opposing coaches dictate how the game will actually play out. The New York Knicks have been out maneuvered from a strategic standpoint repeatedly this season which is a strong indication that their current coach is not the best candidate for the job.

Unfortunately for New York, Mike Woodson will have to suffice through the 2014-15 season. The Knicks gave Woodson their vote of confidence this past offseason by signing the coach to a contract extension which now appears to be a terrible decision that was based on a gross overreaction to the team's 54 wins in 2013.

Those 54 wins are a distant memory now, and fans of the Knicks would not be opposed to the team turning Woodson's coaching tenure into a distant memory right along with them. If New York does decide to finish this season with a different head coach, the team has to be careful not to hire just any old unemployed coach to replace Woodson.

The Knicks have a very small list of viable options to choose from which is great news for their current coach. There are plenty of knowledgeable and accomplished coaches working in television studios, but rest assured that very few of the high-profile coaches are willing to take the challenge of coaching the Knicks.

New York is essentially locked into their current situation due to the combination of Woodson's contract and the current interest level from available head coaching prospects, but it would still be very beneficial for the team to reach out to potential candidates. Even though it is highly unlikely to happen anytime soon, these are the top 5 coaches the Knicks should contact in hopes of finding a suitable replacement for coach Woodson.

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5. P.J. Carlesimo

P.J. Carlesimo
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The Knicks would be adding a veteran coach with the much needed credibility to reach the struggling team. Plus, this particular hire would give the Knicks the upper hand over the team that fired Carlesimo this past offseason in favor of the inexperienced Jason Kidd. Oh, how the Brooklyn Nets would just hate to see their former head coach turn around the struggling Knicks.

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4. Lionel Hollins

Lionel Hollins
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Lionel Hollins faced a similar situation as head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies. The Grizzlies were an offensively challenged team, but Hollins led that team to the Western Conference Finals. The Knicks have only won one playoff series in the last 13 seasons, so Hollins' ability to succeed in the postseason would be a welcomed addition to the struggling New York franchise.

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3. George Karl

George Karl
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George Karl is a legendary coach and is familiar with many of the players on the Knicks. In fact, Karl coached Carmelo Anthony, Kenyon Martin, Raymond Felton, and J.R. Smith as they are all former members of the Denver Nuggets.

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2. Jeff Van Gundy

Jeff Van Gundy
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Jeff Van Gundy was put in a tough position when he followed the incredibly successful Pat Riley as the New York Knicks' head coach. Unfortunately, the odds would be too stacked against Van Gundy with the current situation in New York, and it's pretty safe to assume he would respectfully decline a coaching offer from the team.

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1. Phil Jackson

Phil Jackson
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The fact that the New York Knicks would allow a former player to leave the organization and lead two different franchises to a combined 11 championships without bringing him back home is absolutely unforgivable. Unfortunately, Phil Jackson likely has no intentions of involving himself in this messy situation in New York.