Fans of Boston Celtics Should Be Pround of Themselves for Treatment of Doc Rivers

By Michael Pidgeon
Doc Rivers
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

When a player or coach leaves a team for whatever reason, the way the fans react when that same person returns for the first time is usually a topic of conversation. Well last night Doc Rivers brought his Los Angeles Clippers to Boston to play the Boston Celtics. The way the fans in Boston greeted Rivers is exactly how it should have happened.

Rivers coached for Boston from 2004 through 2013, and what he did while coaching the Celtics is certainly something that should be acknowledged exactly the way the fans did last night.

Doc’s career in Boston didn’t start off the greatest. It wasn’t until 2007-08, which was Rivers’ fourth season as coach of the Celtics, that they won their first NBA championship since 1985-86. Their championship victory was even sweeter due to the fact that they defeated lifetime rival Los Angeles Lakers to win the title. Two years later, Doc coached Boston back to the NBA Finals, but this time it was the Lakers exacting revenge on the Celtics.

Even though Rivers only won one NBA championship in his nine-year career as Celtics head coach, Boston only missed the postseason twice during that span. Plus the age of his superstars Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen started catching up to them, and Rajon Rondo was still trying to blossom while playing with these future Hall of Famers.

Although it got ugly at the end of Rivers’ stay with the Celtics, any other reaction to Doc’s return to Boston would have been a travesty. Fans know when they have it good, and when Doc was in Boston they certainly had it good.

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