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Stephen Curry and the 5 NBA Stars Who You Want With The Game On the Line

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6 NBA Players You Want With Just One Shot Left

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The NBA's regular season is starting to round into form. With just about a fourth of the season in the bag, it's time to take a look at which superstar athletes are coming up big when it matters most. For instance, any basketball fan watching Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry knows that this guard has been lights out with the game on the line.

In fact, Curry sunk a game-winning shot against the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday that capped an incredible fourth-quarter comeback by the Warriors. However, the Mavericks shouldn't feel too bad about themselves considering Curry is someone who can hit lighting in a a bottle at any time.You don't have to be a guard in order to be called "clutch" yet it's much more likely for a shooter to take the last shot than say a big man like Dwight Howard.

With that being said, here's a list comprised of six NBA players who thrive most when the shot clock and/or game clock are running low. Obviously, an easy way to gauge whether or not someone has the clutch gene is to look at said player's hand to see if there are any shiny championship rings. Moreover, the NBA is full of drama and here are six superstars who usually come up big on the hardwood.


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No. 6: Chris Paul

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Chris Paul is the only pass-first point guard on this list. You just can't leave Paul on the outside looking in considering he's the best game manager in the NBA. If the clock is running down, I definitely want CP3 on my side.

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No. 5: Stephen Curry

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With an incredibly fragile body, Curry uses his smarts to overcome his rather short stature throughout the game, but especially in crunch time. Curry is a master of the pump fake as the Golden State Warriors' fan base knows all about the ice in No. 30's veins.

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No. 4: Kobe Bryant

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Ah, Kobe Bryant. There really isn't an explanation needed for this one as the "Black Mamba" has five Championship rings to help make his case. Bryant slid to No. 4 because of his recent Achilles injury, but he's still deadly with time running out.

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No. 3: Paul George

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Paul George can smell the 2013-14 MVP Award. The Indiana Pacers hit the jackpot with George as Indy now has a franchise player that shines brightest when all eyes are watching. George currently leads the NBA in second-half scoring. Also, No. 24 has shown that he can go toe-to-toe with the best in the game -- LeBron James.

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No. 2: Kevin Durant

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Although Kevin Durant doesn't have a Championship ring just yet, he has definitely earned the role as the second-most clutch player in the NBA. Durant might split the load with Russell Westbrook for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but Durant is always the go-to guy with the game on the line.

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No. 1: LeBron James

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Man, LeBron James sure has come a long way. After nearly a decade of being referred to as a player that only played well in the first three quarters, to a man with two NBA Finals MVPs. Until another team can uproot the James-led Miami Heat, LeBron will remain No. 1 on the list of the most clutch players in basketball.