New York Knicks Aren't As Crazy As Toronto Raptors Thought

By Damein Fitzgerald
Felton and World Peace
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The New York Knicks definitely need more production from the point guards on their roster, and the team is well aware of that. New York decided to engage the Toronto Raptors in trade discussions in hopes of adding Kyle Lowry to the roster. Even though the Knicks were salivating for the opportunity to replace their current point guard and add Lowry, the Raptors were asking for way too many assets from New York in return.

Whenever a team gets off to a terrible start like the Knicks have, and they fail to meet any of their preseason expectations early in the season, it’s easy to panic. Whenever a team panics, they are susceptible to being taken advantage of during trade talks, and the Raptors were definitely trying to take advantage of the Knicks, plain and simple.

The Raptors were asking for Raymond Felton, a first-round draft choice, and either Tim Hardaway Jr. or Iman Shumpert in exchange for Lowry. Now, the Raptors were obviously trying to appeal to the Knicks’ desire to win now at all costs, but rest assured that the deal would not have helped put the Knicks in the championship discussion this season or in the future.

Fortunately, the Knicks will not to agree to the terms, and the trade talks may be over for now. New York knows that Toronto is rebuilding and the Raptors have made it perfectly clear that every player on their roster not named Jonas Valanciunas is expendable, so the idea that they would even be asking for such lopsided terms in the deal is laughable.

Toronto thought they offered New York a deal that they couldn’t refuse, but the Raptors need to realize this is the NBA, not a scene from “The Godfather.” New York does not even have a first-round pick until 2018, and it would be absolutely shameful to watch Toronto use that pick four years from now when the Knicks won’t even have Lowry on the roster by then. Lowry becomes a free agent in July.

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